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AAA World Article

Auto Loans

Strengthen Your Vehicle Purchasing Power

AAA World Article

Buying a new vehicle takes time, research and, of course, money. To help you save time and money on your next vehicle purchase, AAA has partnered with reputable lenders and negotiated competitive interest rates on vehicle loans for qualified buyers.

When searching for a vehicle, AAA experts advise that you arrive at the dealership with financing in hand to gain the advantage in negotiating your deal. Carefully shop loan options and interest rates in advance. Inching down a loan’s interest rate even a percentage point or two can save you hundreds of dollars over the life of the car loan. Select your loan term based on how long you plan to own the vehicle, and make sure your loan has no prepayment penalty.

When you’re looking for your next car, turn to AAA for expert help. For more information, visit or call 833/345-5626; in Connecticut, call 800/332-5626.

AAA is not a lender and does not underwrite loan requests. Rates are contingent on model year, down payment and credit score. AAA may be compensated for the referral of auto loan customers.

This article originally appeared in the May/June 2019 edition of AAA World.

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